Fighting Back! How to screw with that rogue who keeps killing you in the Molten Front!

A recent article on WoW Insider stirred up quite the comment war on MMO Melting Pot after they wrote a piece decrying how awful it was that the article exists. While I do intend to rebut some of the arguments (because I like verbal PvP too), I am as interested in what one of the commenters suggested, which is how to fight back, or at least give the rogue as much trouble as he is giving you.

When I first saw the article on the Pot I wondered how I could have missed the original article on The rogue column is the only non druid class column that I read regularly because they are often well written and in an interesting voice.  It was titled ‘How to run the Molten Front’ and I passed over it thinking it would be a boring guide on how to do dailies or the best progression path for rogues. It turns out that it was titled ‘How to run the Molten Front’, kinda like how the mafia runs New York. While I do not believe that the article was written as a joke as some commenters suggested it did have me laughing all the way through. I was really surprised at how bothered some people were that the article was simply published let alone over the content. One of the other things I like about the column on the whole is that around 40% of the columns are devoted to PvP, and I remembered reading very similar articles in the past about how to rogue PvP in Tol Barad, and the Argent Tournament, and Wintergrasp with an aim to prevent the opposing faction from advancing while doing dailies.

The Rebuttal

The whole PvEvPvP thing has been hashed and rehashed and had some peppers and cheese thrown on top and been reheated, so I’ll try not to spend forever on this. First, if it’s red it’s dead. Second, there’s no honor in PvP except the points you win. And third,/g  OMG some [insert my counter class here] just killed me, they’re so OP, /forum Dear Ghostcrawler, please nerf everyone but me, I’m not talking about classes I  mean everyone else personally, just not me.  Also we are all still waiting on the moose that you PROMISED us and if I don’t have one bound to my account by soon everyone will stop playing, even China. Love, Cryppy

That’s pretty much how it goes, right? If you are on a PvP server because your friends are there, they should be helping you, same with guilds, even if they are a raiding guild… ‘What do you mean can’t stop mining long enough come help me kill this guy!’ PvP is not fair. It is not balanced around 1v1, nor is it balanced around rogue v Molten Front. Sure, you have limited playtime and want to do dailies, but to turn it around, I’m tired from a long day of slaughtering cows at the meatpacking plant and I just got home and all I want to do is slaughter some cows… ya dig?

I suppose the real crux of the world PvP issue is this: thinking about your main characters (level capped), how often are you really out in the world away from a city/sanctuary? For me the answer is not much, I get instantly ported into heroics, BGs, arenas. When was the last time you got summoned to a stone even for a raid, I usually get mass summoned to just inside the entrance. So where does that leave for anyone who enjoys world PvP?

Edit: I’m just cutting it off there because Cynwise has a new home (second home?) and puts my whole perspective rather plainly, so I’ll just point the way.

The Gankback

So you live on a PvP server, or you queue for BGs while doing your dailies, or someone flagged and walked into your AoE and now they are pummeling you – and all you want to do is help a wisp and get some marks. What can you do to get back at your overly friendly neighborhood rogue?

1. Get some PvP gear! Especially if you are on a PvP server, you should be wearing it whenever you leave your capital city of choice. The more the better but I recommend three specific pieces as a minimum requirement. These are all cheap at 1650 honor each, easily obtainable after a Tol Barad win and a few battlegrounds.

  • PvP trinket with resilience – This will let you get out of a stun or other movement impairing effect. Always handy to have but imperative if you are on a PvP realm or plan on doing any PvP at all.
  • Honor Gloves – these provide each class with a bonus to some ability, usually CC, which will increase the chances of surviving the encounter.
  • Honor Shoulders – This is really preventive measure akin to putting a Brinks sticker on your windows when you don’t actually have an alarm. Apart from a weapon, the shoulders are the most easily recognizable sign of PvP gear, and the hope is that it might make someone think twice before attacking you.

2. Look at your keyboard. Find a key within reach. Bind it to an instant cast CC or slow. Use it. All the time. Yes in dungeons too. Ok, fine, random critters. No really, like all the time.

3. Tell them to go jump off a cliff. If you are a druid, shaman, priest or mage, you may be able to lure them near a cliff and just send them flying.  If you are a mage, hunter, warlock or warrior (or have a priest friend along with you, always advisable) look for when shadow step is about to come off cooldown and jump off a cliff. Rogues tend to be twitchy creatures and will appear behind you expecting to give you a nice corpse run only to find themselves in a free fall or possibly taking res sickness. You meanwhile zip right back onto the ledge. Maybe you are a DK so frustrated with our stealthy friend that you are willing to sacrifice yourself, you can jump off a cliff and take him with you. Toss out a /wave for added effect.

4. Run a train on him. Pull a few mobs using something that causes little to no aggro and run them over to him. If you are lucky a couple may aggro to him.

5. Get some experience. That is what will usually be the determining factor in who comes out alive. Also know that you will die, more often than you would like, this is one of the few constants in PvP.

Those are a few things for a player new to PvP to think about. Hopefully everyone will have more tips and tricks in the comments.

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4 Responses to Fighting Back! How to screw with that rogue who keeps killing you in the Molten Front!

  1. mhorgrim says:

    Excellent points! I especially love the cliff jump! On the low level scene, as a huner I always have track humanoids and hidded up. This helps me see a little at distance. and be prepared. Second, Hunter’s best frineds in the open world, SCATTER SHOT, then HUNTER’S MARK, Concussion and then strafe like a fool. Hunter’s needing a tank pt in open world, I so reccomend the Semi rare crockalist out in Loch Modan. Ankle crack slows your enemy down fast. Addons, there is an addon that will sound an alarm as soon as someone stealths nearby, sort of like healersmust die but not as accurate. The final thing with rogues, you gotta move fast. If you even remotely think your being stalked, mount and get out for a couple of minutes. At 85, a hunter can use camoflage a bit to help him/her out in staying on a low profile. If as a hunter you are about to kill/pick/grab x for daily, drop that freezing trap behind you, don’t ever think you are safe. Being paranoid has saved my life sooo many times. Hope this helps out a little.

    • Cryptic says:

      First, thank you! This post in large part developed out of your comment on MMO Melting Pot. I had been on the fence about writing again and your idea really gave me the little push I needed.

      Secondly, I really like the hunter tips, especially especially the one about dropping a trap when gathering. You are on the money with the others as well with mobility being one of the rogue’s greatest assets, and if you can take that away from him with CC and kiting you have really turned the fight around.

  2. Stubborn says:

    I’m no PvPer myself, and certainly not a world PvPer. I found the overall debate appalling due to the complete emotional and intellectual void that both sides apparently had for the other.

    I think your article is the best that has come out of the debate. You don’t apologize to the people complaining about PvP, but you don’t scold them like children who’ve wandered away from their mother, either. You provide here solid advice on how to defend yourself in those situations where you may have gotten jumped. Kudos to you for looking for a middle ground, which is far less than many others have done.

    • Cryptic says:

      Thanks. I know no one is going to change their minds over this, but I also understand both sides. It sucks getting camped, sometimes for hours, or being prevented from doing dailies. Sometimes individuals take it so far that even most PvPers would frown on it.

      And some people may feel vindicated to know that I am an asshole. My 2s team for years has been a double healer team called ‘We have an hour’, because we do, and take great joy from healing each other for hours straight.

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