I’m Back!… we’ll see how that goes

Wow, I seemingly fell off the face of the planet, no good bye or hiatus post… bad blogger! Going through my blogroll it looks like the same thing happened to a lot of people. I had a bit of a family emergency and when combined with the burnout I was going though in game, well, it was time for a WoW break. I had been hoping to make it until 4.1 to take that break but it really was time.

I have been playing again for a month or so now and mostly enjoying it again. I say mostly because I still have no stomach for any guild drama. At least no one is actively bringing their problems to me, but when my wife told me of a kerfuffle in the guild that resulted in a member leaving it made me want to quit again. I also say that because I’m not raiding regularly. I’m working at night and going to bed around four in the afternoon now which means I’m not playing during standard raid times. /sigh. If I want to raid I really only have two options left. I could change my sleep schedule which I don’t want to do because I don’t enjoy working at the end of my day and, as my job involves driving, could be dangerous. The other option would be to transfer to an Oceanic server, also not an attractive choice, I really do like my “trailer park of a server”.

So while I have killed Occuthar a few times now along with plenty of Firelands trash, I haven’t even cleared out Tier 11, let alone any Tier 12 bosses. On the other hand I have built up a decent PvP set.

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  1. Jasyla says:

    Funny that you decided to post today, I had just moved you over to my inactive folder in my feed reader yesterday.

    Welcome back!

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