Author’s Note: Although the post didn’t start out that way I figured I would tie it into a Blog Azeroth Shared Topic suggested by The Casual Raider.

I got home Friday afternoon and as soon as I walked in the door my wife let me know that one of the tanks on our raid team left the guild 5 hours before raid time to go raid with another guild. *Sudden onset of Tourette’s* Luckily there are a few good tanks in the guild so I’m hoping that next week we will be back on track but that doesn’t change the situation I’m in this week scrambling to piece together a raid using off specs and subs a few hours before we were scheduled to start. It feels like this raid just can’t catch a break most weeks. In the past month we’ve had two people leave, technical issues, personal issues – all of which leads to slow progression and a mounting sense of frustration.

Of course I shouldn’t be surprised, I’m really just disappointed. Five hours before raid time! A raid that he accepted the invite to. Like he couldn’t have said to them “I’m sorry, I have an obligation this week, but I’m all yours starting Tuesday”, but apparently all the people who have invested in him and these nine other people’s time isn’t worth even that when compared with seeing another boss a few weeks earlier. And he didn’t even have the decency to tell me himself, he sent one whisper to my co-lead and gquit. (I just tabbed back into the game and went by the Champion’s Hall to burn off some spare honor and one of his alts was standing there… he saw me and quickly left.) From what I understand he hasn’t responded to any of the whispers various guildies have sent either.

Then I start thinking back to the issues we’ve had with said tank – some highlights including quitting once before when he had personal issues with another member, and just last week dicking around on the trash in front of Maloriak causing it to glitch out and wasting four and a half man hours (9 people x 30 minutes) – so maybe I’m not all that disappointed that he left. I don’t miss the immediate whispers when I log on, and the overall drama level in the guild has gone down. I am disappointed for the guild as a whole, not because we lost a member but because when I think back to the beginning of Cata and all the time I spent dealing with him and defending him when I should have been focusing on the guild and preparing for raiding I can’t help but wonder if we would be further progressed by now.

The over arching issue here is the thoughtlessness – and unfortunately he wasn’t the only person in the guild who can’t seem to think of anyone but himself. This is where I tend to struggle the most. If there is a problem in a raid I can fix it – I analyze the data and make a correction somewhere in the raid. Maybe it would be easier if I could leave open a Douchecount addon and upload life parses to World of Jerks, if I had an accurate measurement of when people took actions that benefited the guild as a whole and conversely when people were selfish and thoughtless, assed out in a random.

In the middle of all this while I was desperately watching guild chat to see if a replacement tank would sign on, a new death knight strolled into the trade district of Stormwind and sat down causing all of the NPC’s to start spamming things like “Get a Rope” and “You disgust me” for half an hour. I couldn’t help but think how appropriate it was – and how douchetastic.

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  1. Mirandinn says:

    I run into things like this alot. Sometimes they don’t even raid with us because they are uber casual. I don’t know how many times I’ve said srsly really to myself when someone dips out on a raid or is generally doesn’t inform anyone of any absences or whatnot.

  2. Mirandinn says:

    I run into this a lot also. It’s very frustrating when others don’t inform you of their absences from the raids. At least you can turn a blind eye to him now, eh?

  3. Cryptic says:

    Yeah, I had started a ‘/AFK’ forum for absences just the other week, but this was in another league entirely. On the upside we have sharded so much bear gear in the past two weeks…

  4. Griff (the douche) says:

    as for my leaving so fast. it was simply because my friends had lost their previous tank and i took his spot. i know it sounds bad, but i have said this numerous times. i am a raider, i play the game to raid. do i wanna be stuck 2/12 or do i wanna be 12/12 and 1/13 (heroic) -currently. while i feel like a…well douche for leaving, i ultimately do not regret it. when we wipe (which is rare) our leader doesent go off on people and yell about how we will have to pay 500g per wipe. everyone knew that i wasnt an “incursio” type of person, on top of almost no one liking me there. if any. i wish there was more time to notify you, but it came down to “now or never”. so yes, chose to be tank for the #1 ally guild on the server, #2 overall. i didnt expect quite the response i received. the only person i talked to since leaving has been kez, just a few words exchanged at that. it seems like you all are happy without me, so win/win.

    P.S good luck in your raiding. if you need any help id be glad to put my 2 cents in. oh and heroics are the most fun encounters i have witnessed…so much chaos and laughing in vent


    • Muffinzz says:

      What did you expect Griff? Did you expect everyone in guild to kiss your ass and beg you to come back? If nobody misses you it’s because you made it that way. When you first joined our little group back in DC you weren’t a raider… you were a noob to raiding. People spent their time on you, and helped you. Who am I kidding? What do you care if someone spent their time on you. You’re not a team player, and in my honest opinion you don’t deserve to be on a team. There is no excuse for what you did, absolutely no excuse. You obviously knew that you might be leaving, why not let us know before raid day came? I can say I don’t miss you, because I really don’t.

      Good luck being someone else’s problem


    • Buffme says:

      You’ve told some other people you had thought about it the whole week and “it was such a hard decision” but ya wanna come here and say something completely different. You’ve never said “I’m a raider/ i play the game to raid.” You’ve caused your fair share of wipes, and to be belittling the team you raided with for over 6 months for “wiping” and being stuck at 2/12… well that’s partly because of you! All the time we spent wiping our way through content with you so you could learn how to tank, looking up info for you when you were having problems because you couldn’t be bothered to look it up and fix it yourself, well.. I could go on and on. We put so much time and effort into making you a raider and being your friend and you couldn’t give a shit. Kez is the only person you’ve talked to? Maybe because he’s the only person you bothered to return messages to. I really don’t think there’s anyway you can honestly turn yourself into a victim in this situation and just ignoring everyone’s whisper cause you “felt like a douche for leaving” is all on you. guess you were too busy complaining about the people who didn’t like you to stop and think of the people who did i.e. people who put their own asses on the line for you so you could be a raider. I really don’t know why I keep expecting you to act like more than you are, just a 14 year old child.

    • Cryptic says:

      I like how you are on the forums looking for a PvP guild.

  5. Griff (the douche) says:

    i dont think you can blame a whole lot of raid wiping due to my tanking. i mean honestly, if i can down heroic halfus in 7 attempts…which is probably the most tank intensive fight in the game. then i cant be to bad can i. i mean, taunting SOMETHING every 6 seconds of the fight is pretty ridiculous. then keeping threat on it. while controlling your cooldowns because you have 4-12 stacks of malevalent. sure i might have been TERRIBLE in heroic 5 mans…i got better. and you cant say you babied me once i got to that point. as far as i know, the only person to message me since i left was kez. and that was because he came into a BoT trash run. other than that i havent seen any messages from anybody…one of the reasons i posted here, not to make an attempt of “oh noes poor little griff” but as a “yo….this is why”. because no one ever messaged to ask. everyone has their faults. being young and inexperienced is just one of mine. yah its better im gone now because im in an environment with people that dont think that im a little child that cant do anything right. and no matter what you would ALWAYS think of me like that, because its the state you met me in. i hope you guys further progress without any heated drama that might have gone down with me there.

    • Buffme says:

      I didn’t say you were bad, but you weren’t able to do all that last month. Multiple people whispered you. You wouldn’t answer my whispers so I asked in gchat, “anyone heard from griff?” and a couple of people said “no, he won’t whisper me back.”

      As far as the child thing, I really don’t know why you’d say that. Despite how I ended my last post, I always thought we had at least some respect for each other. I always stood up for you and was always there saying “I’m your friend! I like you!” whenever you were saying no one liked you. I had been calling you on your bullshit a lot before you left, but that’s only because I cared. If I didn’t, I could have just kicked you out of the guild or not brought you over from DC. Things were good good until about 3 weeks into Cata, when you regressed into childish behavior. When you act that way, of course some people are going to think of you as a child. Cryptic and I pulled you aside to talk with you about it in an effort to help you avoid all that.

      Frankly, it pisses me off. I’m still pissed off about it, because I thought we were friends. What did you expect when you drop us like a piece of trash with no goodbye, no warning, no explanation, and screwing us out of another week of raiding?

  6. Sweetsweetdrama says:


  7. Muffinzz says:

    I know you may think we always see you as a child but that’s not true…
    I know I once saw you as a friend, it’s too bad things went down they way they did.

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