Fighting Back! How to screw with that rogue who keeps killing you in the Molten Front!

A recent article on WoW Insider stirred up quite the comment war on MMO Melting Pot after they wrote a piece decrying how awful it was that the article exists. While I do intend to rebut some of the arguments (because I like verbal PvP too), I am as interested in what one of the commenters suggested, which is how to fight back, or at least give the rogue as much trouble as he is giving you. Continue reading

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I’m Back!… we’ll see how that goes

Wow, I seemingly fell off the face of the planet, no good bye or hiatus post… bad blogger! Continue reading

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Dungeon Finder Changes

A set of proposed hotfixes for the Dungeon Finder tool have just been released. The official thread can be found here. Continue reading

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Author’s Note: Although the post didn’t start out that way I figured I would tie it into a Blog Azeroth Shared Topic suggested by The Casual Raider.

I got home Friday afternoon and as soon as I walked in the door my wife let me know that one of the tanks on our raid team left the guild 5 hours before raid time to go raid with another guild. *Sudden onset of Tourette’s* Continue reading

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